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Play-Way Method: Learning Should be Fun and Not Bound

At Shemrock, the entire school programme is “Play Oriented.” Childhood is the time when kids have countless opportunities for play. Thus, we adopt play-way method of teaching, which makes learning easy and enjoyable for our little kids. Play-way method is a stimulant which consists of pleasure and satisfaction. It is unplanned and thus encourages complete freedom of expression. Children enjoy and actively get involved in playing, which is natural to them.

Thus, this method of teaching is structured on activity-based learning, which encourages creative skills and self-expression.

Play-way method goes by the principle that all work and learning should be done in the essence of ‘play’ that can happen in different forms, such as playing with toys & puzzles, imitating the animals, sorting different shapes and colours, recognizing different sounds, or playing outdoor games like hide-and- seek or simply running. These activities will develop, enhance and improve all aspects of early childhood development, such as physical, language, cognitive, psychological, intellectual, socio-emotional, imagination and creativity. It also helps children connect with their teachers easily and build a strong bond with the peer group, thus developing their social skills.

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