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The process of finding an affordable preschool can be an arduous task for the parents. If you are living in a Metro city or a big city, chances are that you will find a lot of preschools around your house. Each of these preschools will provide you with a unique proposition. Some will vouch for their method of teaching like Montessori schools, some will vouch for the play activities and outdoor opportunities that they provide to their kids while some will talk about associations with mainstream schools.

As a parent looking out for a preschool for the first time, you will obviously find all of these propositions to be exciting. However, one of the most important aspects is also your budget. Look for affordable preschools near your house. An affordable preschool will always provide you with all the facilities in moderation. You will not be indulging your child from the beginning. Another advantage of enrolling your child in an affordable preschool is that your child will get the right peer group. Children learn a lot from their peer group and you would not want to compromise on that.

While on a lookout for an affordable preschool in India, do check the following factors:

Space is not compromised:

Most of the affordable preschools in India will try to attract parents by talking only about the fee structure. Under no circumstances should a parent make any decision basis the fee structure only. Check if the space aspect is not compromised in the school. The size of the classrooms, the play area, and open spaces are important to bring about the overall development of your child. Also, check the number of students per class and if there is enough free space to accommodate everybody.

There are enough learning resources for the children:

All affordable preschools have a well-curated curriculum. However, what you really need to check are the learning resources available for the children. These include workbooks, writing books, educational CDs, educational toys, the range of activities available for the kids to perform etc. These learning resources are needed to pique the interest of your child. Children need change to keep them engaged. You need to ensure that the school is focused on providing engaging learning resources to children.

The teachers are qualified:

Some so-called affordable preschools will provide you with attractive fees but will compromise on the quality of the teachers. As parents, it is your right to ask the school about the qualifications of the teachers. You can also ask for their number of years of experience. An experienced teacher is always better to handle young kids. Preschoolers will be stepping out of their homes for the first time. Under such circumstances, they would want a teacher who is caring, warm and yet pragmatic.

Student Teacher ratio:

Student teacher ratio is an important factor to checked in affordable preschools. To keep the school affordable, the management may compromise on this ratio. An ideal ratio at a preschool level is anywhere between 1:7 to 1:10 between teacher and student. If there are more than twelve students in custody of one teacher, then it may be an affordable preschool but is not worth it.

The staff and administration departments are proactive:

Not just the curriculum, learning resources, and the teacher but the staff also has to play an important role in making your child feel safe in the preschool environment. During your visit to any of the affordable preschools, do also interact with the staff and observe their behavior with the kids. The same holds true for the administrative department also.

The safety aspects of the school:

School safety has become a major area of concern. Affordable preschools may not be particular about the police verification of their security and transport staff. Do ask for the same. Also, the website of the school will endorse the safety aspect and if it is doing so, it will have its reputation in mind. Availability of CCTV cameras and the presence of female staff on bus/van routes are also important aspects to checked.

Use of technology:

Technology cannot be left behind in any aspect of life now. Similarly, preschools are also using technology for teaching concepts to children. This is important. Ensure that an affordable preschool does not compromise on the use of technology like smart boards and computers under the garb of affordability.

Involvement and Inclusion of parents:

Parents and schools have to partner in the learning and development process of the child. Any school that excludes parents from the process is not transparent enough for you to trust your child with. Affordable preschools should have mechanisms to involve parents through parent days or asking them to come for school events. Their feedback also must be valued and paid heed to.

Overall facilities for children:

Affordable preschools should at no cost compromise on any of the imperative facilities. The food served in the school should be properly cooked in a clean and hygienic kitchen, the washrooms must be kept clean, the walls must be painted and the seating arrangement should be comfortable. Take an elaborate school round of all the affordable preschools before you make your final decision.

Brand reputation:

This is another aspect that plays an important role in the decision-making process. Check for the reputation and the legacy of the preschool brand. There are many affordable preschools like Shemrock Junior that are extremely conscious of their brand reputation and therefore will never compromise on any of the aspects that we have been discussing for far. Any school that has built its brand name on sheer handwork and quality of education will not afford to lose its brand reputation by neglecting any aspect of preschooling.

Value for money:

When you look for affordable preschools, there will always be a range of budget that you are considering. It may happen that the school that provides the best of the facilities may not be the best in affordability, however, at this time you need to see the value for your money. After all, your child’s future depends on the orientation that the preschool will provide.

Reviews and Feedback:

It is always good to check for personal or online reviews of affordable preschools. Personal reviews carry more weight as you can interact and ask questions at length with other parents. This will put your doubts at rest and you will feel more confident about the decision that you are about to take.

Basis the points mentioned above, you can create a checklist and start your survey of affordable preschools. Whichever school fits the bill, trust it to be the ideal for your child.

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