Preschool Learning Games and Educational Activities

Educational Activities for Preschool Learning

Preschool is that time in the life of a child where he steps out from the confines of his house for the very first time. The first tentative steps are extremely crucial in the all-round development of the child. To enable preschool learning in the best way, it is better to engage and involve children in activities at school as well as at home. When you provide a learning environment to children at home and school both, they internalize many concepts in the play way method.

Preschool learning is never done like how learning is done in a formal school. This is a preparatory, fun and active learning wherein children get involved in each and every activity to learn the concepts. Preschool learning cannot be brought about by lecture or discussion method, it can only be done in an experiential way.

If you are looking for learning games and educational activities for your preschooler, here are some fantastic ideas for you:

  • Preschool Learning Games

Preschool Learning Games

These are simple and fun games that bring about clarification of concepts. If you play the right kind of games with your child, it can really boost his cognitive, physical and emotional skills. Preschool learning is all about playing games to build a gross motor and fine motor skills. At a later level of preschool learning, they begin to revolve around conceptual knowledge and educational activities. Some of the best preschool learning games are:

Simon Says: 

This is a fun game that focuses on instruction following. Start all your sentences with “Simon Says” and follow it up with “touch your toes”, “touch your head”, “fetch the ball” and so on. This helps in improving the auditory processing of the child and improves listening skills.

One for You, One for Me:

Sharing is a virtue that we all want in our kids. However, kids always have fear and anxiety about sharing. You would have seen many kids throwing tantrums when asked to share. Playing this simple game eliminates their anxiety and also teaches them how to take turns. The activity is very simple. You can take beads in a big bowl and keep two bowls next one on either side of the big bowl. Ask the child to use a spoon to put one in each bowl. As the child does this activity, keep saying one for you and one for me. You can replicate this activity in many ways with different objects.


This is a very creative activity that teachers in schools enable for preschool learning. This activity involves spreading a large sheet or an actual parachute on the floor. Then, you ask all the children to hold one the parachute from any side. After this, you start driving concepts by saying “Up” and then the parachute will be taken up by the kids. Similarly, you can drive the concept of “Down”, “Under”, “Over” and “Together”. This activity brings about the collaborative and cooperative play and is a lot of fun for all the participants. Getting the children to speak out concepts also helps in their understanding as well as contributes to the fun element.

Hide and Seek:

Hide and seek is a game that we all must have played in our childhood days. Simple hide and seek can bring about the development of problem-solving skills. You can take it to the next level by incorporating a treasure hunt angle in hiding and seek. Using clues to find something or someone helps children make patterns of problem-solving in their head.


Puzzles is a great learning game to be introduced to bring about preschool learning. They are great to aid overall development. Physical development comes about by making the pieces fit together. Cognitive development comes about by understanding how the pieces would fit in and emotional development comes along by doing the puzzle. As parents and preschool teachers, this concept must be introduced to all kids.

Obstacle Courses:

Obstacle courses go a long way in building gross motor skills in kids. If the obstacle course is created in a safe environment, children develop coordination and balance that helps them to become confident of their physical abilities. These obstacle courses could be simply created at home with pillows and small chairs and tables. Also, check whether the play area of your child’s preschool provides enough opportunities for your child to go over, under, crawl, jump, slide, explore and have fun.

  • Educational Activities for Preschool Learning

Educational Activities for Preschool Learning

These are specifically aimed at bringing about preschool learning of concepts. Often. Preschools introduce number and alphabet concepts to preschoolers as a part of making them school ready. Simple concepts like ‘big and small’, ‘near and far’, ‘open and close’ etc. are taught through various activities. Here are some great educational activities for your preschooler:

Peel and Stick:

These kinds of activities involve children to follow two-step instructions. You can draw a tree and get some stickers in the form of leaves. Asking the children to peel one sticker and stick them on the tree will help to build their attention. Similarly, there can be many activities that can be created around the ‘peel and stick’ concept. Peeling stars, stickers of favorite cartoon characters or smileys are extremely popular with kids.

Stacking Activities:

Stacking activities are essential for preschool learning. Simple stacking helps in the development of motor skills. When you increase the level and encourage children to stack size wise, this helps in developing the appreciation for different sizes. During this method, the concept of big and small gets registered in the mind of the child.

Matching Activities:

Matching activities are good for improving the scanning and retention of kids. When you create arrays of matching objects, children have to scan and then match. This helps in developing pre-writing skills of the kids as well. Preschool learning through matching can be brought about in many ways. Simple matching involves connecting two similar objects. Complex matching can include matching similar colors but different objects, big to small, objects of similar kind and so on. This is a great technique to improve memory and retention of kids and also to improve their scanning and responding competencies.

Sorting Activities:

Sorting activities are very important for preschool learning. There can be simple sorting, shape-wise sorting, object-wise sorting or sorting as per the properties of the objects. From the ages of two to five, if kids are engaged in sporting activities, they become organized and attentive. Both of these traits help children to focus better in school.

Fun with Art and Craft:

This has a very wide scope. Art and craft can help in creating 3D models of simple interesting things like caterpillars, butterflies, snowman, and flowers and so on. You can also do simple painting, thread painting, ice painting, spray painting and many such variations with paint. There are a lot of DIY videos available online that you can see and replicate at home to aid preschool learning.

All of the above-mentioned activities are important for creating preschool learning concepts. You can do these at home with your child or look for a preschool that focuses on this. If the preschool learning is good, then your child will not face issues in settling down well in a mainstream school. A playschool plays a very important role in the same. Make sure you choose well!

Demand An Affordable Preschool in India

Demand an affordable preschool in india


The process of finding an affordable preschool can be an arduous task for the parents. If you are living in a Metro city or a big city, chances are that you will find a lot of preschools around your house. Each of these preschools will provide you with a unique proposition. Some will vouch for their method of teaching like Montessori schools, some will vouch for the play activities and outdoor opportunities that they provide to their kids while some will talk about associations with mainstream schools.

As a parent looking out for a preschool for the first time, you will obviously find all of these propositions to be exciting. However, one of the most important aspects is also your budget. Look for affordable preschools near your house. An affordable preschool will always provide you with all the facilities in moderation. You will not be indulging your child from the beginning. Another advantage of enrolling your child in an affordable preschool is that your child will get the right peer group. Children learn a lot from their peer group and you would not want to compromise on that.

While on a lookout for an affordable preschool in India, do check the following factors:

Space is not compromised:

Most of the affordable preschools in India will try to attract parents by talking only about the fee structure. Under no circumstances should a parent make any decision basis the fee structure only. Check if the space aspect is not compromised in the school. The size of the classrooms, the play area, and open spaces are important to bring about the overall development of your child. Also, check the number of students per class and if there is enough free space to accommodate everybody.

There are enough learning resources for the children:

All affordable preschools have a well-curated curriculum. However, what you really need to check are the learning resources available for the children. These include workbooks, writing books, educational CDs, educational toys, the range of activities available for the kids to perform etc. These learning resources are needed to pique the interest of your child. Children need change to keep them engaged. You need to ensure that the school is focused on providing engaging learning resources to children.

The teachers are qualified:

Some so-called affordable preschools will provide you with attractive fees but will compromise on the quality of the teachers. As parents, it is your right to ask the school about the qualifications of the teachers. You can also ask for their number of years of experience. An experienced teacher is always better to handle young kids. Preschoolers will be stepping out of their homes for the first time. Under such circumstances, they would want a teacher who is caring, warm and yet pragmatic.

Student Teacher ratio:

Student teacher ratio is an important factor to checked in affordable preschools. To keep the school affordable, the management may compromise on this ratio. An ideal ratio at a preschool level is anywhere between 1:7 to 1:10 between teacher and student. If there are more than twelve students in custody of one teacher, then it may be an affordable preschool but is not worth it.

The staff and administration departments are proactive:

Not just the curriculum, learning resources, and the teacher but the staff also has to play an important role in making your child feel safe in the preschool environment. During your visit to any of the affordable preschools, do also interact with the staff and observe their behavior with the kids. The same holds true for the administrative department also.

The safety aspects of the school:

School safety has become a major area of concern. Affordable preschools may not be particular about the police verification of their security and transport staff. Do ask for the same. Also, the website of the school will endorse the safety aspect and if it is doing so, it will have its reputation in mind. Availability of CCTV cameras and the presence of female staff on bus/van routes are also important aspects to checked.

Use of technology:

Technology cannot be left behind in any aspect of life now. Similarly, preschools are also using technology for teaching concepts to children. This is important. Ensure that an affordable preschool does not compromise on the use of technology like smart boards and computers under the garb of affordability.

Involvement and Inclusion of parents:

Parents and schools have to partner in the learning and development process of the child. Any school that excludes parents from the process is not transparent enough for you to trust your child with. Affordable preschools should have mechanisms to involve parents through parent days or asking them to come for school events. Their feedback also must be valued and paid heed to.

Overall facilities for children:

Affordable preschools should at no cost compromise on any of the imperative facilities. The food served in the school should be properly cooked in a clean and hygienic kitchen, the washrooms must be kept clean, the walls must be painted and the seating arrangement should be comfortable. Take an elaborate school round of all the affordable preschools before you make your final decision.

Brand reputation:

This is another aspect that plays an important role in the decision-making process. Check for the reputation and the legacy of the preschool brand. There are many affordable preschools like Shemrock Junior that are extremely conscious of their brand reputation and therefore will never compromise on any of the aspects that we have been discussing for far. Any school that has built its brand name on sheer handwork and quality of education will not afford to lose its brand reputation by neglecting any aspect of preschooling.

Value for money:

When you look for affordable preschools, there will always be a range of budget that you are considering. It may happen that the school that provides the best of the facilities may not be the best in affordability, however, at this time you need to see the value for your money. After all, your child’s future depends on the orientation that the preschool will provide.

Reviews and Feedback:

It is always good to check for personal or online reviews of affordable preschools. Personal reviews carry more weight as you can interact and ask questions at length with other parents. This will put your doubts at rest and you will feel more confident about the decision that you are about to take.

Basis the points mentioned above, you can create a checklist and start your survey of affordable preschools. Whichever school fits the bill, trust it to be the ideal for your child.

Importance of Preschool Learning in Kids Life

Importance of Preschool learning in Kids Life

Preschool learning is a phase in a child’s life that sets the base for future learning and foundation. It is the first time when kids are separated from their parents and are out of their comfort zone. Preschool becomes the second home for the child. To create preschool learning, the school needs to have a comfortable set up and attractive materials. This will make the child feel secure and start the process of learning.

Communication development also happens as part of preschool learning. The child learns to communicate with his teachers and his friends. It is also important for the cognitive development of the child. When you create a congenial environment outside of your house, your child becomes confident of facing the world independently. The sooner this process begins, the better it is for the child. If you delay the preschool phase for your child, fear and anxiety may surface at the time of taking this step. With all the positives, attached to preschool learning, here are some of the reasons why it is extremely important for your child.

  • Preschool learning develops social skills:

Social skill is an aspect that most of the children develop only in a pre-school setup. When they interact with peers, they learn the art of reciprocative communication. Early learning involves role plays, skits, dance, and dramas. When children engage in dialogues with other children, they get prepared to face questions of adults too. With peers, they do not have the apprehension to voice out their thoughts. With practice, they become confident communicators with adults also. All of these are important for the development of social skills of your child.

• Preschool learning develops social skills

  • Preschool learning improves attention span:

Kids have a very short attention span. No matter how much we try to channelize their energies at home, we cannot provide them with a properly structured environment. There will always be some distractions in the house, for both the educator and the child. However, in a preschool set up, this would not be the case. There are specific time slots allotted for all activities. In these time slots, kids have to adhere to those activities. This helps in improving the attention span of the child. The child also watches other children do the same activities. The effort towards learning preschool concepts from the child’s end automatically increases. This is a win-win situation.

Preschool learning improves attention span

  • Preschool learning helps in building self-confidence:

Early learning is very important to build a foundation of confidence among children. Parents always keep their children in a very protective environment. Decision making is mostly done by parents. When the kids step into a preschool setup, they have to make choices and take certain decisions on their own. This helps in building confidence. Encouragement for an activity done well acts as a motivator and boosts the confidence level of kids. Activities like mike time, circle time, Show and Tell, Fancy Dress etc. help in public speaking skills. All of these put together transforms your child into a confident little individual.

Preschool learning helps in building self-confidence

  • Preschool learning gives a good head start to kids:

It gives a good head start to the kids. The concepts taught in preschool will be repeated again in formal school. At that time, a child who has come through a preschool set-up will feel more capable of handling the pressure. Extracurricular activities are also a part of preschools these days. This prepares the child to face all of these aspects confidently in a mainstream school.

Preschool learning gives a good head start to kids

  • Preschool learning is important to develop language and mathematical skills:

Basic language skills and numbers will take as a part of the curriculum in preschool. At a preschool, these skills are taught differently than how these are taught in a mainstream school. For e.g. use of Abacus or beads to teach number skills will only be done in a play school. Same holds true for language. Preschools allow children to learn early English and Mathematical concepts at their own pace. This can be the perfect setup for your child. Introduction to learning in a fun way is the best way to build interest of kids. Kids learn all their skills in the first few years of their life through fun.

• Preschool learning is important to develop language and mathematical skills

  • Preschool learning builds concepts:

Early learning concepts like “Big and Small”, “Tall and Short”, “Open and Close” etc. will take up in preschool. Early learning drives all these concepts through different activities and stories. Stories also help in improving the listening skills of the child. Play way methods used in preschools are very important in building concepts of your child. Once the concepts of your child are clear, the first two years of the mainstream school would be a smooth sail for your child. Give your child the right boost early in your life to convert them into confident individuals when they grow up.

Preschool learning builds concepts

Apart from all the advantages listed above, going to a preschool is an important step in the life of the child to get used to a systematic and structured process. A preschool follows a proper regiment to prepare the child for mainstream school. The initial years in a preschool are for acclimatization. But the year before the child starts mainstream school, the focus is completely on school readiness.

When your child goes to a mainstream school, he/she will interact with other children who have come from a preschool setup. These set of kids would be more adept in understanding the processes of the school. They also well versed with instruction following. At this time, your child may feel left out amongst them. This kind of mismatch may also impact your child emotionally. When the child feels that his understanding is at par with the other children, he does not hesitate to explore new avenues.

As parents, we always want to give the best to our children. The mainstream school will also expect a certain level of understanding that the preschool builds in. Ensure that you choose the best preschool for your child by considering all the important factors that help in the growth and development of your child. There may be many play schools in the vicinity of your house, but choose the one where the emphasis on preschool learning is maximum.

Shemrock Preschool is one of the best play schools from an early learning perspective. With branches across the city and a legacy of focused and friendly approach, this should be your first choice among preschools. Nobel Laureate Professor James J Heckman, Ph.D. said, “Early childhood interventions of high quality have lasting effects on learning and motivation.” Choose the best start for your child by providing the preschool that he/she deserves!

Why Shemrock Junior is the Best Affordable Nursery School in Paschim Vihar?

affordable nursery school

When we talk about affordable nursery school in paschim vihar, there are two distinct categories.

The first category is:-

A premium nursery school offer all resources but everything is at premium, and you have to pay heavily for it.

The second category is:-

Affordable nursery schools. This category is extremely crowded, and need to be extremely vigilant while choosing your school in this category.

Paschim Vihar in Delhi is an area where there are many residential complexes. As a result, there are a lot of playschools available in the vicinity of all kinds. Finding an affordable nursery school in Paschim Vihar can be quite challenging as you will be flooded with options.

The best approach is to understand the school by visiting there and take feedback from parents of children.

If you analyze the parameters of quality of education in terms of value for money, then Shemrock Junior will emerge as one of the best affordable nursery school in Paschim Vihar. The factors contributing to this popularity are:

Favourable Teacher Student Ratio in Affordable Nursery School in Paschim Vihar

Teacher-student ratio is an important aspect when you choose a playschool for your child. Mostly all the playschools have two teachers per class, and the ratio does not go beyond 1:14. However, the lower the ratio is, the better it is for the child. Shemrock Junior emphasizes that the teacher-student ratio is desirable.

So that each teacher can understand the capabilities of the children and work productively with each one of them. This is an important aspect for best affordable nursery school in Paschim Vihar.

Teacher Student Ratio in Affordable Nursery School in Paschim Vihar

Personalized Attention

Often we see that if we look for affordable nursery schools, then we may have to compromise on the ‘personalized attention’ aspect.

This happens because teachers are also stretched for work and there is excessive pressure on them to handle the class effectively.

At Shemrock Junior, the teachers are trained and experienced to be able to handle all kinds of pressure well and yet not compromise on their job.

They make sure that each child gets personalized attention and develops holistically.

No Added Costs

Many affordable schools keep the fee structure low but have many added costs over and above the fees. They ask parents to pay for facilities like meals, uniform and for each and every field trip and event. This is not the case with Shemrock Junior. The cost that you pay at the time of joining is all-inclusive, and beyond that, the only expectation of the school is to pay the quarterly fee regularly. There are no additional or added costs that are hidden at the time of admission and emerge when you can do nothing about them.

The legacy of the School

Shemrock School has 70+ branches in Delhi and NCR and consists of a network of 625+ branches across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Considering the legacy, it is the best affordable nursery school in Paschim Vihar. An advantage that you get when you associate your child and yourself with a brand that is so popular is that there is no tension later on in case of a transfer. A transfer across branches is encouraged, and this is helpful in keeping the continuity of the curriculum for the child. Also, the child gets the same atmosphere and culture, so teething problems are well handled.

Parent Participation is Encouraged

Shemrock Junior believes that both parents and school are partners in the journey of learning and development of a child. Most of the premium playschools follow a system of active participation, but when you look for affordable nursery school in Paschim Vihar, you may have to compromise on this aspect. However, this is not the case here as Shemrock Junior encourages participation of parents by way of specially designed interactions between parents and educators.

Parent Participation is Encouraged in Affordable Nursery School in Paschim Vihar

Quality you can Trust

With affordability, it is essential to check quality also. At Shemrock Junior, you can be rest assured of the quality of services provided to your children. The school has CCTV monitoring of the premises, secure school transportation facilities with female members, staff appointed after background verification and First Aid and emergency services available. Over and above, the school is also certified safe by the Fire Department. Considering all of these factors, Shemrock Junior is definitely one of the most affordable nursery schools in Paschim Vihar.

Absolute value for your money

When it comes to children, parents are generally not on a shoestring budget when it comes to education. But, it is always a nice feeling if you feel that the school that you have invested in proves to a reasonable value of money. For the child, this would mean the best environment to learn and for the parent, it would mean the happiness, growth and development of the child. Shemrock Junior scores in both these aspects, and there are not many other schools who can boast of the same.

The Technology Edge

Use of technology in terms of smart boards, movies and presentations are emerging to be an excellent way to integrate technology with education. Shemrock Junior believes in technology-assisted and interactive learning so that all the four aspects of language learning – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are covered. This edge along with affordability is a combination that is rare to get amongst affordable nursery schools in Paschim Vihar.

The Technology Edge in Affordable Nursery School in Paschim Vihar


Upon understanding all the above aspects and indulging in a comparative study of all the playschools in Paschim Vihar, you will realize that Shemrock Junior scores higher than most of the other playschools in the area which makes it best affordable nursery school in Paschim Vihar.

The first step in your child’s education is a special one. This will be the place that will sow the seed of learning in your child. If this interface is not pleasant, there are chances that your child may get disillusioned with the concept of school very early in his life. As parents, we have to ensure that instead of this, the child fosters the interest in learning and looks forward to the process of going to a school and education.

Toddlers are also extremely expressive of their feelings. They will state their likes and disliked clearly. When your child goes to Shemrock Junior, you will notice the excitement and the joy he will feel each day.

You will convince when he come back with many stories to tell you that you have taken the right decision.

Top 15 Reason Why Shemrock Junior is the Best Playschool in Paschim Vihar

15 Reasons Why Shemrock Junior is the Best School in Paschim Vihar

Playschool plays a critical role in a child’s life. It is the child’s first exposure to the system of learning and education and parents ensure that they do not go wrong here. They need to feel the instant connection with the playschool to be sure that their child is safe and his curiosities are being nurtured in that place. When you look for a playschool in a specific geographic location, e.g. If you are looking for best playschool in Paschim Vihar, you need to follow a simple modus operandi.

During your survey for the best playschool in Paschim Vihar, you need to first enlist all the playschools in the vicinity of the area. After that, you need to physically visit and compare them on attributes like safety, engagement techniques of teachers and staff, the behaviour of the school staff, activities for children, availability of emergency services and so on.

Shemrock Junior is one of the best playschool in Paschim Vihar. This is not merely a statement but the fact that parents of students studying in the school swear by. Many attributes set the school apart from the others in the competition.

Here are 15 compelling reasons why Shemrock Junior stands out as the best playschool in Paschim Vihar:

Quality is Superior

The quality of the school is superior in all aspects. Starting from the specially designed activity-based curriculum for the young ones to the qualification of the teaching staff and the method of imparting education, there is a remarkable difference that you will observe as you experience this journey with your child. Parents partner in the process of child development and this resonance of the school and home environment does wonders for the child’s development.

Quality is Superior in best playschool in paschim vihar

Welcoming and Kind Attitude

Young children who are just stepping out from their haven need an environment which is extremely welcoming and kind. The entire staff at Shemrock Junior is trained in the behavioural aspect so that there is an abundance of kindness that the child experiences. This unique feature makes Shemrock Junior the best playschool in Paschim Vihar.

A healthy and active atmosphere for kids

Children need both focused and optional activities in the school set-up. Our specially developed curriculum has been designed with a panel of psychologists which ensures that your children get a healthy and active atmosphere in the school. Activities are not just restricted to the table top but are full of fun and movement.

A healthy and active atmosphere for kids in best playschool in paschim vihar

Helps for future school readiness

Playschools have a two-course objective – first, to help children understand the atmosphere of a school and internalize the setup. Second, is to get ready for formal education at a formal setup. Shemrock Junior the Best Playschool in Paschim Vihar ensures that both of the above are done at the stage where the children are developmentally and psychologically ready for it.

Helps for future school readiness in best playschool in paschim vihar

Regular interaction with parents and caregivers

Parents of young ones are always concerned about how their children are faring in school. Along with this, they are also apprehensive on how their kids spend the day in school since some of the students are too young to be articulate. At Shemrock Junior, this aspect is well understood, and there is a proper system in place to give daily feedback and periodic feedback by way of meetings and PTMs.

Regular interaction with parents and caregivers in best playschool in paschim vihar

Impeccable Security

Security is an utmost area of concern with parents. A school that understands this and recruits their security personnel through a stringent process understands this focus on security. Check the number of security staff and information about past incidents, if any. This is the most important factor that needs to be consider while choosing Best Playschool in Paschim Vihar.

Well Organized Field Trips and Events

Field trips and events are essential for experiential learning of the kids. Playschools that focus on these simple trips like a visit to the supermarket, a dairy farm or a bakery are trips that bring about a lot of learning through fun.

Well Organized Field Trips and Events in best playschool in paschim vihar

Safety is always paramount

Safety within and outside the classroom are aspects that need to be considered while choosing the Best playschool in Paschim Vihar for your child. Ensure that there are functional CCTV cameras present in all classes and common play areas of the school. Also, check if the washrooms are safe and the safety process followed in the school for accompanying the kids to the restroom.

Favourable teacher to student ratio

Teacher to student ratio plays a vital role in the early years of a child’s schooling. A school which has a high ratio in this regard will most probably not be ideal for your child. Children in their early years need personal and extra attention from the teachers, and an able playschool will ensure that they never compromise on this aspect.

Out of the box activities

All playschools focus on activities to teach the children about the world that they live in. Most common activities are dressing up on festivals and show and tell competitions. However, there is much more than good playschools do than just the regular activities. Look for out of the box activities like a Secret Santa, celebrating festivals of the world etc.

Out of the box activities in best playschool in paschim vihar

Emphasis on development of ADL (Activities of Daily Living)

Activities of daily living include toilet training, opening and wearing of clothes, shoes etc. A good playschool will always ensure that children learn how to be confident and independent. This is an essential step for their transition to mainstream schools.

Friendly and Supportive School Administrative Staff

There will always be feedback that will flow from parents. A warm and supportive school administrative staff will always be open to feedback and will improve itself based on the lacunae that are pointed out.

No space constraints

Open spaces and plenty of playgrounds is an essential factor for the happiness of the kids. If there is less space then they will not feel comfortable in their environment, and that will be the first barrier to learning.

No space constraints in best playschool in paschim vihar

Open and Transparent Systems

Maintaining a daily almanac, displaying the activities for the day and the month, sharing a leave calendar, a menu for the month etc. are systems that bring about confidence amongst parents that the school is completely in control of all the systems and processes.

Full of love

Children need a lot of love and are like a tender sapling. Ensure that the playschool you look for is complete with a lot of loving faces. This will ensure his correct psychological growth and well being.

Full of love in best playschool in paschim vihar

If you consider all the above factors,

There will be no doubt remaining in your mind that Shemrock Junior is the best playschool in Paschim Vihar. And the brand is hugely conscientious of its image and the welfare of your child.

10 Reasons Why Your Child Needs A Playschool


Parents are worried about the nurturing of their children. They also tend to do jobs 6 days a week. Hence, they seek help from the childcare centers or they someone to take care of their children during their absence. It has become sheer mandatory to give children established training & learning skills as early as possible. So, parents send them to the preschool for their overall development & nurturing.

We will now look at the top 10 reasons why your child needs a playschool or preschool:

1. Playschool Is An Opportunity For Preschoolers Growth :

Many children attend preschool or playschool for the first time. This is an excellent place where students & teachers can meet & discuss the learnings & begin the foundation. Playschool guarantees the overall development of a child as a whole. They even teach children basic manners to behave, to sit, to read, to talk or to eat in a particular place or situation.

Playschool Oppurunitiy

2. Playschool Prepares Children For Kindergarten :

Kindergarten is the basis of overall educational & academic development of children. Parents send their children to playschool or preschool. They teach pre-math, pre-literacy skills, value & moral education. High-quality skills organize a group of activities such as social, emotional, cognitive, physical or value education.


3. Preschool Promotes Social & Emotional Development :

A 3-year-old child can learn many basic things from the preschool or playschool. In order to learn many small things, a preschool or playschool child must feel cared & safe with the teachers. The preschool or playschool must be secured emotionally, physically or socially. Hence, playschools play a vital role in contributing to social security & emotional development of the child. Playschools help children to build goals & values.

emotional development

4. The Playschool Environment Is Structured :

A highly structured playschool environment helps a child to make friends, learn & adopt skills. This doesn’t mean there are a set of rules that children have to follow compulsorily but space, where children learn & develop, is highly organized & it encourages them to interact in social with people.

playschool environment

5. Children Get To Make Choices :

Playschools have plenty of activities where children can select any activity for their enjoyment. Teachers help those kids who are unable to perform activities & may suggest children join the group to learn the activity fast & enjoy while performing tasks. Children get plenty of choices to perform several tasks in the preschool or playschool premises in order to get more & more engrossed in them.

6. Children Learn To Take Care Of Themselves As Well As Others :

Children have a good sense of humor & a sense of competence. From an early age, they have the courage to do something good. So, children learn to take care of themselves at a younger age along with learning more skills, values & lessons. They also tend to take care of several others. High-quality preschool or playschool helps a child to grow emotionally & physically. They also teach children about handling the first aid box in case of injuries to self or others.

self care

7Playschool Promote Cognitive As Well As Language Skills :

Preschools help children to nurture in a language rich or socially secured environment. Between the ages 3 to 5, a normal child’s vocabulary grows from 900 to 2500 words. Even the language they speak or words they utter become more complex. On can say sophisticated. Children try to understand things on a regular base & try to connect their understanding with their studies & group activities. They do different tasks in the playschool or preschool such as sing, read a storybook, learn social skills or act or participate in varying competition.

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8. Playschool Helps In The Development Of Motor Skills :

As the Physical coordination of the child improves, they tend to explore more in the environment & try to accept different challenges & solve them alone. High-quality preschool or playschool help children to gain opportunities in various activities such as games, storytelling, dancing, learning values or skills, climbing or running & much more. The high-quality preschools or playschools help children to boost their willpower to perform activities on their own. Some of the activities also include thread beading or scissor cutting & much more.

motor skills

9. Playschools Help In Boosting Maths & Literacy Scores :

Playschools help children to improve their memories, reading habits along with their basic math skills. Math is a difficult subject & to be perfect in maths one needs to practice it on a very regular basis. High-quality preschool or playschools help in improving their maths skills. This can be done with a variety of creative activities such as playing games or performing basic quiz competitions. Similarly, it also helps in enhancing the literacy scores. It helps in improving the language of children. Various reading activities are arranged that helps a child to develop their command over spoken as well as written language.math skill

10. Playschools Help In Nurturing The Curiosity Of Children :

Playschools or preschools encourage children to boost their imagination level along with their IQ test levels. This results in a significant increase in their imagination, mental skills & they tend to become more analytical. Preschools or playschools tend to give children logical situations where children have to find out a basic logical solution.

Preschools or playschools also help in several other things such as nowadays preschools teach children how to handle basic banking transactions or how to safeguard ourselves in the situations full of calamities. How to approach help when the child or his friends are injured. They also train children to take concrete intellectual steps where a child is lost. They tend to encourage more & more logical thinking in the children by engaging them into analytical activities. Playschools or preschools are booms in today’s competitive world where one has to be perfect at a very early age. So, playschools guarantee a safe & secure development of the children for a very bright future.

A Useful Guide: Top 7 Tips For Homeschool Preschool

preschool in paschim vihar


Being one of the best preschools in Paschim Vihar, Shemrock Junior believes that every parent should learn how to homeschool preschool.

It is important for parents to know what their child needs to know to be ready for playschool.

Though kids learn through play (Which is what they most do at preschool), but they will not be able to learn some things yet like letters and sounds.

To make sure that your kids were not behind, particularly if you are planning them to send preschool.

What do kids learn if they are sent to preschool?

It is highly recommended to find out what your school would like kids to know before entering preschool. It gives you an idea of an end goal for kindergarten.

This may vary from school to school. There is no standard core curriculum for preschoolers, but most of the schools have adopted the common core curriculum which begins in preschool.

Most of the skills which they need to learn come naturally through daily exercises, play, and chatting all day with parents.

Academic skills

  1. Recognize and counting numbers 1-10.
  2. Shapes & Colors names.
  3. State and know the ABC’s both lowercase and uppercase.
  4. Learn how to write their name.
  5. Identify letters sounds made by lowercase and uppercase.
  6. Learn how to handle a pencil, scissors, and glue.
  7. How to draw a picture.
  8. Learn Days, Month, Years and Seasons name.
  9. Learn how to rhyme a word with a new word.

Other Skills

  1. How to Follow Directions.
  2. Learn how to concentrate.
  3. Taking turns.
  4. Learn how to wash hands.
  5. Waiting in position.
  6. Remembering parents names and address.
  7. Pull up own pants and placed on a coat.

How to homeschool preschool with a 2-year-old

These are the activities what’s working well for every parent.  It’s not a letter a week curriculum. It’s lots of hands-on play, about 20 minutes a day of reading out loud, and about 30 minutes a day of structured learning.

Here are some steps:

Step 1: Get quantities for preschool craft activities

It is helpful to have a few crafts and tools around you.  You can’t really go wrong if you find stuff that teaches them to identify numbers, shapes, letters, and colors.

It is the best practice to fill your cupboard with these supplies.

  1. Crayons
  2. Markers
  3. Blank Paper
  4. Play-Doh
  5. Craft items

Step 2: Choose a time every day for some formal learning

Choose the best time to teach them about formal education. This is one on one session with kids where you will be the teacher. It’s for doing a few pages in their workbook, and a short reading lesson.

Step 3. Choose a time every day for informal learning

Here are some ideas:

  1. Play-Doh
  2. Draw/Color
  3. Color a picture for a  pen pal
  4. Go to the park
  5. Make a list of things to find outside
  6. Make something together
  7. Cook something together
  8. Go swimming
  9. Tour the science center or zoo

Top 7 Tips for Homeschooling Preschool

Preschool learning requires a lot more than just educating and organizing activities for preschoolers at home. Here are our top ten tips which help you to get started.

  1. Giving flexibility is very important in early childhood learning. While your homeschool routine should be very comfortable, assuring that kids know to expect activities at specific times of the day is key.
  2. A homeschool preschool curriculum can be as difficult or as simple as you need it to be. Some parents believe that they need a proper plan for almost every activity of their homeschool day. And some parents are ok with writing down some general things they want to cover and making sure that the lesson is accomplished.
  3. Homeschool kids and parents both are benefits from a daily outing with other parents.  Find out in your area which has local homeschool that supports group and get engaged with field trips.
  4. Try to compare your homeschooling programs or your kid’s progress with other homeschoolers.
  5. Learning with preschool learners happens everywhere and throughout the day: when spotting bugs in walks, solving puzzles collectively on the floor and reading books in the bed.
  6. Every activity, from initiating the table to playing with playdough, that develops fine motor skills is also developing your child for writing.
  7. It’s never too much reading at this stage. Reading a book and picturing book should be united into your daily schedule. Nursery rhymes and fingerplays also build pre-reading skills.

So if you think you couldn’t probably homeschool your kids, you totally can! You really can’t go wrong if you follow all the steps which we mentioned in the post. And possibly you will love doing homeschool preschool so much you will keep homeschooling into Kindergarten!

The Best Playschool In Paschim Vihar For Your Child

Best playschool in paschim vihar

The Best Playschool In Paschim Vihar For Your Child

A child miseducated is a child lost. - John F. Kennedy

Playschool is a school where a child of two years old go to play and learn. Shemrock Junior is the best playschool in Paschim Vihar,  It’s a place where a child learns to share, explore the surroundings, learn to follow the instruction and start the foundation that develops their learning skills at preschool, in family, society and in life.

Preschool learning for a child is a time where a child particularly needs personal care and joyful learning experience for nurturing their young minds and to develop and excite their curiosity about the surrounding around them.

The preschool learning programme at Shemrock Junior makes it the best playschool in Paschim Vihar and make it stand out from the rest of the playschool.  It addresses the total personality development of your child in terms of physical, academic, social, emotional, cognitive, language and intellectual abilities.

As we all know ‘Education’ is the key to success. So if you want your child to be successful in their life, then the best gift you can offer to them is the light of education.

It is best to understand that learning is a process and each process is very crucial. Every stage of learning of your child should be given proper attention that it deserves.

A playschool is one of the most important stages in your child life. That is why you need to make sure that you find the right playschool for your child.

Here are some of the qualities that are connected with a perfect Playschool. You can also go for childcare if you are looking for a reliable playschool for your children.

Top Qualities For Playschool

School Basis

A  good playschool should have crystal clear philosophy. A good philosophy help to determines the foundation that your child is going to get.

It is important for you to understand that the school philosophy of a school describes what the school believes. So you need to look for a playschool whose philosophy suggest hard work and the one that seeks to insert the values that will help your child in the future.

playschool spirituals

School Environment

Another important factor which you should put into consideration when looking for the best playschool for your child is the school environment.

You need to be sure that the school which you’re about to choose has a promoting environment because it will determine if your child is going to get necessary attention which they deserve when they are young.  A friendly environment for education means that no noise might be disturbing and friendly teachers.

Also, a good learning environment to provide the things that will help your child to learn.  Also, security should be included in the list.

playschool environment

Day Length

Flexible timing is one of the qualities that a good playschool should possess. This is because, at this stage, your child is preparing to get into the real world a far education is concerned.

Long hours of schooling for a young child can make them start hating schooling. Also, you have to be sure that the hours are not very short. In other words, hours should be neither too long nor too short, it should be reasonable.

School Distance

It is always recommendable for you to choose a playschool that is close to you. When opting for a playschool that is far away from your home, means you have to spend extra cash on transport. Though there are playschools which provides transport facilities.

Always remember that child at an early age need to be close to you.

Top Reasons Why Shemrock Junior Is The Best Playschool In Paschim Vihar

So now you know what are the qualities that a playschool should possess.

Here are the top reasons which make Shemrock Junior the best playschool in Paschim Vihar

Professional Team of Facilitators

One of the major reason that Shemrock Junior is the best playschool in Paschim Vihar is the team professional facilitators who are caring, committed & competent to teach their children with the utmost patience and understanding.

Moreover, our facilitators provide security & warmth to the children by creating a nurturing, loving & child-friendly atmosphere, in which they can express themselves freely and feel completely at home. The personalized & tender care shown by our facilitators stimulates the budding minds to explore understand and appreciate the finer aspects of life.

Learning In Play Way Method

At Shemrock Junior, the complete school programme is “Play Oriented” which differentiate from its competitors and make it the best playschool in Paschim Vihar.

Childhood is the age when a child has many opportunities for play. Thus, Shemrock Junior uses the play-way method of teaching, which makes learning easy and fun for little kids. The play-way method is an energizer which consists of entertainment and satisfaction.

It is unplanned and thus promotes complete freedom of expression. Children enjoy and actively get involved in playing, which is natural to them.

Thus, this method of education is structured on activity-based learning, which encourages creative skills and self-expression.

Our Facilities

At Shemrock Junior, personal care has been taken just to make sure that child school day is full of joyful learning and fun-filled activities. Keeping this in mind, we have created and maintained Special Learning Areas and other facilities with the lively, cheerful and captivating environment.

Here is the list of facilities offered by Shemrock Junior which help you understand why Shemrock Junior is the best playschool in Paschim Vihar.

  1. Activity Arcade
  2. Ball Pool
  3. Block and Puzzle Corner
  4. Doll House
  5. Colorful, Pleasing & Air-Conditioned Classrooms
  6. Mini Zoo
  7. Puppet Area
  8. Stage Area
  9. Dance Room
  10. Story-telling Corner
  11. Farm House
  12. Audio Visual Room
  13. Mini Zoo
  14. Shopping Arcade (SHEM Mart)
  15. Stage Area
  16. Story-telling Corner
  17. Green Room
  18. Outdoor Play Area

Parent Participation Programme

It is strongly believed that to nurture a child it requires a sound relationship between the school and the home. At Shemrock Junior,  parents will be invited to attend various parent participation programmes, such as Parent-teacher meetings, Annual Function, Birthday Celebrations, Child’s Stage performances, Special days (such as Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, Daughter’s Day, etc.)

Attending these programmes will not only improve the parenting skills but also boost a child’s self-confidence. It is an opportunity for parents to contribute to their child’s growth and development.