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Playschool plays a critical role in a child’s life. It is the child’s first exposure to the system of learning and education and parents ensure that they do not go wrong here. They need to feel the instant connection with the playschool to be sure that their child is safe and his curiosities are being nurtured in that place. When you look for a playschool in a specific geographic location, e.g. If you are looking for best playschool in Paschim Vihar, you need to follow a simple modus operandi.

During your survey for the best playschool in Paschim Vihar, you need to first enlist all the playschools in the vicinity of the area. After that, you need to physically visit and compare them on attributes like safety, engagement techniques of teachers and staff, the behaviour of the school staff, activities for children, availability of emergency services and so on.

Shemrock Junior is one of the best playschool in Paschim Vihar. This is not merely a statement but the fact that parents of students studying in the school swear by. Many attributes set the school apart from the others in the competition.

Here are 15 compelling reasons why Shemrock Junior stands out as the best playschool in Paschim Vihar:

Quality is Superior

The quality of the school is superior in all aspects. Starting from the specially designed activity-based curriculum for the young ones to the qualification of the teaching staff and the method of imparting education, there is a remarkable difference that you will observe as you experience this journey with your child. Parents partner in the process of child development and this resonance of the school and home environment does wonders for the child’s development.

Quality is Superior in best playschool in paschim vihar

Welcoming and Kind Attitude

Young children who are just stepping out from their haven need an environment which is extremely welcoming and kind. The entire staff at Shemrock Junior is trained in the behavioural aspect so that there is an abundance of kindness that the child experiences. This unique feature makes Shemrock Junior the best playschool in Paschim Vihar.

A healthy and active atmosphere for kids

Children need both focused and optional activities in the school set-up. Our specially developed curriculum has been designed with a panel of psychologists which ensures that your children get a healthy and active atmosphere in the school. Activities are not just restricted to the table top but are full of fun and movement.

A healthy and active atmosphere for kids in best playschool in paschim vihar

Helps for future school readiness

Playschools have a two-course objective – first, to help children understand the atmosphere of a school and internalize the setup. Second, is to get ready for formal education at a formal setup. Shemrock Junior the Best Playschool in Paschim Vihar ensures that both of the above are done at the stage where the children are developmentally and psychologically ready for it.

Helps for future school readiness in best playschool in paschim vihar

Regular interaction with parents and caregivers

Parents of young ones are always concerned about how their children are faring in school. Along with this, they are also apprehensive on how their kids spend the day in school since some of the students are too young to be articulate. At Shemrock Junior, this aspect is well understood, and there is a proper system in place to give daily feedback and periodic feedback by way of meetings and PTMs.

Regular interaction with parents and caregivers in best playschool in paschim vihar

Impeccable Security

Security is an utmost area of concern with parents. A school that understands this and recruits their security personnel through a stringent process understands this focus on security. Check the number of security staff and information about past incidents, if any. This is the most important factor that needs to be consider while choosing Best Playschool in Paschim Vihar.

Well Organized Field Trips and Events

Field trips and events are essential for experiential learning of the kids. Playschools that focus on these simple trips like a visit to the supermarket, a dairy farm or a bakery are trips that bring about a lot of learning through fun.

Well Organized Field Trips and Events in best playschool in paschim vihar

Safety is always paramount

Safety within and outside the classroom are aspects that need to be considered while choosing the Best playschool in Paschim Vihar for your child. Ensure that there are functional CCTV cameras present in all classes and common play areas of the school. Also, check if the washrooms are safe and the safety process followed in the school for accompanying the kids to the restroom.

Favourable teacher to student ratio

Teacher to student ratio plays a vital role in the early years of a child’s schooling. A school which has a high ratio in this regard will most probably not be ideal for your child. Children in their early years need personal and extra attention from the teachers, and an able playschool will ensure that they never compromise on this aspect.

Out of the box activities

All playschools focus on activities to teach the children about the world that they live in. Most common activities are dressing up on festivals and show and tell competitions. However, there is much more than good playschools do than just the regular activities. Look for out of the box activities like a Secret Santa, celebrating festivals of the world etc.

Out of the box activities in best playschool in paschim vihar

Emphasis on development of ADL (Activities of Daily Living)

Activities of daily living include toilet training, opening and wearing of clothes, shoes etc. A good playschool will always ensure that children learn how to be confident and independent. This is an essential step for their transition to mainstream schools.

Friendly and Supportive School Administrative Staff

There will always be feedback that will flow from parents. A warm and supportive school administrative staff will always be open to feedback and will improve itself based on the lacunae that are pointed out.

No space constraints

Open spaces and plenty of playgrounds is an essential factor for the happiness of the kids. If there is less space then they will not feel comfortable in their environment, and that will be the first barrier to learning.

No space constraints in best playschool in paschim vihar

Open and Transparent Systems

Maintaining a daily almanac, displaying the activities for the day and the month, sharing a leave calendar, a menu for the month etc. are systems that bring about confidence amongst parents that the school is completely in control of all the systems and processes.

Full of love

Children need a lot of love and are like a tender sapling. Ensure that the playschool you look for is complete with a lot of loving faces. This will ensure his correct psychological growth and well being.

Full of love in best playschool in paschim vihar

If you consider all the above factors,

There will be no doubt remaining in your mind that Shemrock Junior is the best playschool in Paschim Vihar. And the brand is hugely conscientious of its image and the welfare of your child.


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