Mrs. Reena Mittal M/o Ishaan Mittal

After parents, schools & teachers play a crucial role in a child’s life. Being a parent always wanted BEST for my child, that’s why choosen “SHEMROCK JUNIOR’ second time for my second child. ‘SHEMROCK JUNIOR’ always a priority as a play school for my kids. Thank you SHEMROCK teachers, management and the entire staff.

Mrs. Isha Saxena M/o Shanaya Saxena

‘SHEMROCK JUNIOR’ as a whole was a learning experience for both the parents as well as kids. Parents learn about how to take good care of kids. I am really very impressed with the way ‘Shanaya’ has grown over the past two years at SHEMROCK. Now she has become well groomed and prepared for the formal school. Thank you SHEMROCK for giving ‘Shanaya’ a second home and showering all love & support for her . We will miss you – Shemrock.

Mrs. Avni Sharma M/o Kunwar Sharma

SHEMROCK JUNIOR is an excellent school which has led foundation for the overall development of my child in all aspects , be it language, social, emotional, personality, discipline. Thanks to SHEMROCK JUNIOR.

Dr. Sanjay Miglani F/o Veerat Miglani

My son Veerat Miglani attended the summer camp in SHEMROCK JUNIOR in May/June 2017. My boy has changed after that. He is much more confident & more open to his friends. His stage fear has just disappeared &he is so eager to participate in the other events in his school. I would like to thank you & express my gratitude. I was quite impressed by the way the kids are nurtured in your school. The teachers are very kind & have lot of patience. My sincere thanks again. Keep up the good work. He shall join you again in the next summer vacations.

Mrs. & Mr. Khubchandi P/o Shaurya Khubchandi

You’ve made our ‘Shaurya’ a different kid altogether. He is so confident now. Thanks to all the teachers, management & supporting staff for putting in so much efforts. SHEMROCK JUNIOR ROCKS.

Mr. Gurmeet Singh F/o Jasveen Kaur

Immense pleasure to see the interactive session. Feels safe & secure about sending our child to this school. This branch of SHEMROCK is one of the best one to start up with our children’s future without any doubt.

Mrs. Neeti Chawla M/o Jiya Chawla

I am really happy with Jiya’s development at “SHEMROCK JUNIOR.” Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to SHEMROCK for putting in all hard work & efforts. I would always suggest this play school to everyone. Best infrastructure with Best teachers.